About - 73 Art
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– 73 –

73 aka Giorgio JE 73 was born in 1986. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.

73 is not just my tag, it’s a language, a code. The letters that compose the alphabet73 are the modules73, born from the synthesis of an artistic route that crosses graffiti, street art and muralism; but has always been conditioned by architecture. The vocabulary73 is the set of module’s73 compositions, that create my artwork following the rules of geometry, representation and architecture.


2004 First experiences with graffiti.
2007 Studing different artistic techniques related to Urban Art.
2008 Focus on Stencil technique.
2009 – today Take part of several Street Art festival and Graffiti jam around Italy and world.
2010 Live painting in “5 Pointz”; New York; USA.
2011 Live painting at “Meeting of Styles”; Venice; Italy.
2012 Live painting at “Maldito Muro”; Santiago de Chile; Chile.
2014 Graduate in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano; Milan; Italy.
2015 Realizes a series of 3d bas-reliefs.
2017 Live painting at “Meeting of Styles”; Wiesbaden; Germany.